Most expensive schools in South Africa

Who top the chart for being the most expensive schools in South Africa.

Look who is the most expensive independent/private schools in South Africa. It seems Cape Town might have the most expensive property but the expensive schools are more north.

Hilton College – R209,000 – KZN Midlands

Hilton College

MichaelHouse – R192,000 – KZN Midlands


St Martins – R184,460 – Johannesburg

St Martins

St Andrews College – R182,700 – Grahamstown

St Andrews

Kearsney College – R181,350 – KZN Midlands

Kearsney College

Roedean School for Girls – R181,140 – Johannesburg

Roedean School for Girls

St Alban’s College – R181,000 – Pretoria

St Alban's College

St Andrews School for Girls – R174,860 – Johannesburg

St Andrews School for Girls

St Johns – R178,523 – Johannesburg

 St Johns

St Mary’s School – Waverly – R173,700

St Mary's Waverly

Bishops – R168,140 – Cape Town


Somerset College – R167,736 – Somerset West

Somerset College

St Stithians – R166,691 – Sandton

St Stithians

St Mary’s DSG – R166,155 – Pretoria

St Mary's

Kingswood College – R158,355 – Grahamstown

Kingswood College

Diocesan School for Girls – R157,590 – Grahamstown

DSG School

Herschel Girls’ School – R157,560 – Cape Town

Herschel School for Girls

The Wykeham Collegiate – R154,820 – Pietermaritzburg

The Wykeham Collegiate

Bridge House – R149,490 –  Franschoek

Bridge House

St Cyprians – R148,560 – Cape Town

St Cyprians

St Anne’s Diocesan College – R146,200 – KZN Midlands

St Anne's

Treverton College – R142,400 – KZN Midlands

Treverton College

For more affordable private independent schools:

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