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Business Studies or Creative Studies….

I think most parents would want their kids to become an accountant, or doctor,engineer something that sounds so respectable, but the little ones do not always think about the future, paying bonds, retirement funds and all that and want to go and study a passion like art, photography, graphic design etc.

So what do you say or do?

As a Marketing Student and Photography myself I can confirm that making it in the world out there in the art direction is not easy. Then again, landing your first proper job is not easy at all, and you would have to do some internships, work over holidays, get that experience. Here are some tips:


EducationCreative Studies:


- Long hours, late night working to get your projects done.

- Research Research and more Research. Most kids think studying something creative is some breeze. WRONG!. Photography was at some points much harder than marketing. Studying marketing was all about going through your work, learn the 4 p’s, understand economics, learn some selling, PR and all that, while photography was hard work, hours and hours photographing, post-production, research for your project, Theory tests with light, and as you think you are done… Yes, more work, next photoshoot should be done.

- What I am saying be prepared, most kids end up leaving the creative studies, they do not see improvement, they break under pressure. All I can say is, hang in there, do not wait till the last week, constantly do research find things you love, and try hard to find your niche and style. MOST IMPORTANT I will say is to start with your own style, but do not force it.

- Holidays, mm yeah right, rather go and assist some photographer, go intern at the media company, make the tea get the feel of the company.

- Practice, Practice and more Practice.

- Be on social media, ask your friends to give constructive criticism, ask strangers, join clubs.

- Be inspired by the masters.

- Learn as much as you can rea, read read, yes read a lot, and no reading statuses on Facebook does not count.


The more academical side:


- For that I can say learn hard, work over holidays as well, intern somewhere.

- Visit groups attend seminars

- Be the best you can be, and work your way up.

- The best advise I can give for both more “corporate” and creative jobs is to get so much experience, no one wants a beginner or even pay beginners.


For creative studies, choose very wisely where you are going to study it will make you or break you.

Something very popular is events management, with so many overnight start-ups promising the best education, do not fall for that. A good tip! Try and get into a company that is active in events management, they are way better and know the game.  The Aleit Group has their own academy, that is a good choice, why? Aleit is well know for top events, for A-Listers, they are the leaders in their game, and you will have the best experience.

For photography go for CPUT, they are very focused on theory, and up to this day I will say that theory did help me so much. You have to think for yourself, and it will help you so much figuring out what to do.

Digital Marketing, Branding, etc. I would suggest, VEGA, AAA or Red and Yellow. Most company event state in the job description, they will only employ interns from those institutes.


For more degree studies, you can choose from a few universities, Stellenbosch, UCT, Rhodes, etc.


Top 10 profession trends to lookout for!

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Top Ten Jobs for the Next Decade and Beyond

1. Computer Programmer

Even though many American companies actively recruit overseas workers for programming jobs, there is still plenty of work for qualified computer specialists right here in the United States. Security breaches and concerns about potential terrorism have heightened security at many companies. Because “offshoring” computer programming work poses so many security risks, many large employers have reverted to using in-house teams of programmers who can be monitored more carefully. A degree in computer forensics would allow you to become one of the monitors.Programmer Profession

In addition, the development of new operating systems and common code bases has allowed many more industries to develop custom software solutions. A decade ago, many companies from wildly different fields might have used the same spreadsheet program. Today, developers with unique backgrounds build specialized applications like databases, point-of-sale systems, and customer relationship networks.

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2. Day Care Provider

Until recently, many day care providers struggled with low wages, high stress, and poor job security. With the explosive demand for quality child care, however, many parents are now willing to pay higher premiums to facilities with excellent reputations and strong learning programs. A professional in this industry can command an even higher salary with an early childhood special education degree.

Though some parents lament the reduced emphasis on play activities in many modern day care settings, the consumer demand creates many lucrative opportunities for child development majors who want to follow their passion while earning significant rewards.

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  • Child Development Degree
  • Early Childhood Education

3. Elder Care Specialist

The parents of Baby Boomers relied on large families to share the burden of caring for elderly loved ones. With fewer children to care for them, the Baby Boomers are turning, in record numbers, to professionally operated assisted living facilities. A far cry from yesterday’s nursing homes, today’s senior communities often integrate luxury amenities like four-star dining, golf, and live entertainment.

Despite the luxury resort setting, each facility relies on teams of qualified healthcare specialists to look after the needs of residents. With government and consumer scrutiny of elder care facilities at an all-time high, employers demand job candidates with proven skills and positive attitudes. Consider a degree in health information technology for a fast-growing job with a minimal amount of clinical work.

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4. Employment Specialist

Caught between the demands of child care and elder care, more Americans have turned to employment agencies to arrange short term or flexible employment relationships. Likewise, companies that need to scale up or scale down their operations to comply with seasonal customer demand have outsourced their staffing needs to a growing number of professional agencies.

The U.S. Department of Labor identifies “employment placement specialist” as one of the fastest-growing specialties of the coming decade. For people with strong interpersonal skills and a wide range of interests, this position offers the opportunity to connect eager employers with qualified workers. Not only does this career offer significant job satisfaction, it usually pays a commission on the income of placed workers. Therefore, a busy employment specialist can earn a significant income by using her natural matchmaking talents.

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5. Environmental Engineer

With the rapid growth of previously small communities all across the country, many local governments and private developers must wrestle with the challenges of rising populations. At the same time, many of our country’s more established cities and towns must cope with crumbling infrastructure, such as outdated water and sewer lines or failing electrical supplies.

Environmental engineers play an important role in every community. They oversee new construction and renovation, assuring the preservation of natural resources and the safety of residents. With new, more stringent regulations on the books, many environmental engineers now work for developers and corporations that want to take a proactive approach to their business. By acting in the public interest, these companies can build strong relationships with customers while avoiding damaging fines or even prosecution.

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6. Home Health Aide

Many aging Baby Boomers intend to live in their own homes for as long as possible. Likewise, many people who suffer from injuries or illness can avoid the huge expenses of a long hospital stay by recuperating at home. Both of these populations rely heavily on the work of home health aides to maintain their well being.

In many cases, home health aides are nurses who prefer to work in patients’ homes instead of in the stressful environment of a hospital or an assisted living facility. Frequently, home health aides benefit from flexible scheduling and short commutes, making this a solid career choice for parents of young children. Some aides can assist licensed professionals without holding a license themselves, offering excellent opportunities to earn income while still completing their degree program.

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7. Management Consultant

A growing number of companies prefer to seek outside help with specialized problems or challenges, rather than attempt to keep experts on their own staffs. As a result, consultants who build reputations for solving client problems can earn significant income by dropping in on clients around the world.

Once dominated by road warriors, the consulting arena has opened up to a variety of professionals, thanks to new networking technology. With qualifications and insight earned from years of experience and study, a consultant might work from home while helping clients all over the world.

Many professionals who have grown bored with their companies or with their careers can shake things up by setting up shop as a consultant. In fact, many consultants launch their practices while still holding down a day job or completing an advanced degree program.

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  • Business Management Courses
  • Small Business Management Courses

8. Networking Specialist

Unlike a traditional computer programmer, who focuses on solving problems with software, a networking specialist must figure out how to keep all of the various devices in an organization connected to each other. As networking grew from an offshoot of computer engineering into its own specialty, many professionals learned how to efficiently manage a company’s information flow through hidden cables and routers.

Technology continues to advance, so new and different jobs are constantly emerging. Today’s networking specialist, for example, must integrate wireless devices like phones, laptops, and pagers into their data structures. Whether working for a private employer, an Internet service provider, or a government agency, networking specialists must work on-site to install and maintain highly specialized equipment. With new generations of networking hardware emerging every few years, this is a professional role that can never be delegated to overseas workers.

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  • Network Administration & Management Degrees
  • Network Security Degrees
  • Network Training Courses

9. Physician’s Assistant

As more Americans seek medical treatment more frequently, many doctor’s offices struggle to keep up with demand. High malpractice insurance rates and the pursuit of less stressful, more lucrative careers are diverting potential doctors into other fields of study. Therefore, many medical practices rely more frequently on physician’s assistants to bridge an important gap in the health care process.

Students who enjoy medicine but do not wish to pursue a full medical degree can launch careers as physician’s assistants after only a few years of training. They perform tests, file reports and handle other routine tasks, freeing up doctors to spend more time diagnosing illnesses and researching cures. In some states, physician’s assistants can even prescribe medication. An online physician assistant master’s program can qualify you for one of these upper-level roles.

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  • Medical Assistant Programs

10. Social Services Coordinator

With more senior citizens applying for government benefits and many families leaving large cities for smaller towns, many government agencies and non-profit organizations seek qualified social services coordinators. These specialists assure that residents of a community can take full advantage of assistance programs. They also monitor the safety and wellness of individuals, especially young children and older adults that could become the victims of abuse, crime, or fraud. An online social work degree can qualify you for this rewarding career.

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  • Social Services Degrees


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Enjoy the Festive Season

Christmas BellsTo all the parents and kids, we wish you a jolly festive season, and a happy new year.

Berkeley Cuts will be back in 2015 with the latest updates to education around the world.

And for those who died in the Taliban school massacre in Peshawar, our love go out to the parents. 


To browse schools in South Africa. Click Here


Industries you should look out for in 2015 – Europe

Article by: Tina Jindal and not by BerkeleyCuts

extracurricularactivitiesMany countries are vying to recover from the Great depression of the 20th century (1930 – 1940) and overcome the turmoil generated over the extreme financial and economic meltdown. Europe needs to take efficient and critical decisions in order to address the impediments that are hampering economic development.


However, between all the fire-fighting there are certain industrial sectors of Europe that have managed to maintain a stable structure throughout. Even though Europe seems to be stuck in an economic rut, there are several industries that have contributed to its high economic activities by generating bulk employment opportunities.


1.Automotive industry

According to a report published by the European Commission in 2005, EU was the world’s largest automobile manufacturing region at that time. The report also stated that 34% of the world’s vehicles were manufactured in Europe and that EU had a 7.6% share in the manufacturing sector, with the industry employing more than 12 million people. Some of the big European automotive industries are Volkswagen, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Ferrari, BMW, and Lamborghini.


In 2008 there was a financial meltdown, which affected the automobile industry in a big way. Since then it has struggled to grow and revive at a constant pace. The global production of automobiles grew by 25 million units from 2009-2013 due to rapid economic recovery and an increased demand for vehicles by consumers who now had greater confidence and purchasing power.


It has been estimated that the production of cars will grow by 21 million units by 2021 because of the demands from the developing market of China and the reviving automobile industry of Europe.


Europe intends to recover its domestic demand and increase its exports to China and US in order to stimulate its automobile industry. It has been estimated that the European output will increase by 4% from 2015 to 2017 as opposed to just 1% in 2014. The automotive testing expo in June 2015, at Messe Stuttgart, Germany, will surely add to what this industry is all about.


2.Pharmaceutical industry

Europe is a leader in the production of pharmaceuticals. 27% of the global production comes from here, with Germany on the top, followed by Italy, France, and UK. The European pharmaceutical industry spends over EUR 75 billion on R&D every year. It is influenced majorly by societal expectations, healthcare powerplay, governmental policies, and innovation potential, and industry moves.


The European pharmaceutical company contributes to the economy of Europe, not only in financial terms but also through employment opportunities. The global pharma market varies from $870 – $900 billion. In Europe it is $260 – $280 billion with Spain dominating the market with a share of 88% value wise. In 2011, Spain had a market size of about $22.7 billion making it the fourth largest pharmaceutical market in Europe.


During 2007-2011, the Spanish market had a CAGR of about 4.4%. The revenue in 2010 was $2.2 billion, which is expected to touch $7.19 billion by 2017 at a CAGR of about 18.4%. The main pharmaceutical companies in Spain are Almirall, Esteve, Cinfa Laboratories, Zeltia, Universities and Associations like Spanish Society of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Valencia, Spanish Society of Clinical Pharmacology, FARMAINDUSTRIA and Spanish Association for the Pharmaceutical Industry.


3.Aerospace and defence industryaerospace technology

The aerospace and defence industry of Europe witnessed a phenomenal growth in 2011. The main reasons for this development included the improvement of economy, increasing demands for aircrafts from China and India, and the arrival of low-cost carriers. This industry has emerged as a potential market even after recession.


According to the “Global Aerospace and Defence” report on Research and Markets, in 2010, the aerospace and defence market had revenue of $1,070.6 billion. This represented a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 6.6% from 2006 to 2010. The defence segment alone harvested a total revenue of $791.3 billion, which is about 74.2% of the markets overall value.

It has been estimated that this industry will witness a CAGR of 2.5% during 2010-2015 with total revenue reaching almost $1,204.2 billion.


4.Oil & Gas industry

2015 is expected to bring tightened gas supplies and higher oil prices for Europe. This will in turn bring a sharp price drop. Imports of LNG increased by 11 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2009 and by 18 bcm in 2010. Long-distance pipeline gas (LDPG) incurred a loss of 10 bcm between 2008 and 2010, representing a loss in market share by about 2%. It goes without saying that 2015 will be a crucial turning point for the European market.


The annual growth rate of the gas industry is 1.7%. According to a report by IEA, the gas consumption increased from 513 billion m3 in 2012 to 525 billion m3 in 2018. The report also stated that the high price of gas as compared to coal and the decreased price of carbon will adversely affect the consumption of gas from 2013 – 2018.


According to the UKPIA, the growth in the demand of oil is expected to increase slightly after 2015, chiefly in the southern European countries as they have greater prospects of economic growth.



EU has recently announced to fund education in developing countries for the next seven years with the help of Global Partnership for Education (GPE). The commissioner of EU said that EUR 375 million will be contributed towards the growth of education across 60 countries where GPE currently works.


Between 2014 and 2020 EU will fund education up to EUR 4.5 billion. Due to this support, up to 2012, 7.7 million people got vocational and technical education and training, about 1.2 million primary teachers were trained, 37,000 new schools got built, and 13.7 million children achieved primary education.


Several foreign nationals too have migrated to Europe in search of quality and affordable education. Modern facilities and exceptional infrastructure of Europe beckons international students to come enhance their academic qualifications by studying in its colleges and universities. Applying to any university is not very difficult, and relevant information can be obtained on any online portal.


Advice from BerkeleyCuts

- Let your kids decide what they want to do, but as parent give them guidance, and tell them why you sometimes want them to do something more corporate over something “Arty” and be open-minded. Do your homework and look ahead into the future what industries are growing and what positions will be created due to the Technology Industry.

Extra Activities for Kids is a Big Plus.

- Extra Curricular Activities



Most expensive schools in South Africa

Who top the chart for being the most expensive schools in South Africa.

Look who is the most expensive independent/private schools in South Africa. It seems Cape Town might have the most expensive property but the expensive schools are more north.

Hilton College – R209,000 – KZN Midlands

Hilton College

MichaelHouse – R192,000 – KZN Midlands


St Martins – R184,460 – Johannesburg

St Martins

St Andrews College – R182,700 – Grahamstown

St Andrews

Kearsney College – R181,350 – KZN Midlands

Kearsney College

Roedean School for Girls – R181,140 – Johannesburg

Roedean School for Girls

St Alban’s College – R181,000 – Pretoria

St Alban's College

St Andrews School for Girls – R174,860 – Johannesburg

St Andrews School for Girls

St Johns – R178,523 – Johannesburg

 St Johns

St Mary’s School – Waverly – R173,700

St Mary's Waverly

Bishops – R168,140 – Cape Town


Somerset College – R167,736 – Somerset West

Somerset College

St Stithians – R166,691 – Sandton

St Stithians

St Mary’s DSG – R166,155 – Pretoria

St Mary's

Kingswood College – R158,355 – Grahamstown

Kingswood College

Diocesan School for Girls – R157,590 – Grahamstown

DSG School

Herschel Girls’ School – R157,560 – Cape Town

Herschel School for Girls

The Wykeham Collegiate – R154,820 – Pietermaritzburg

The Wykeham Collegiate

Bridge House – R149,490 –  Franschoek

Bridge House

St Cyprians – R148,560 – Cape Town

St Cyprians

St Anne’s Diocesan College – R146,200 – KZN Midlands

St Anne's

Treverton College – R142,400 – KZN Midlands

Treverton College

For more affordable private independent schools:

Best Programs For Teacher Education and Development

teacher education south africa

More info here on Teachers getting trained

Individuals which intend to occupy teaching as their profession, career and interest must most definitely review some info about the sort of educator education and learning programs available in the country. It will help them select their locations of passion and also seek a course suited to their desires as well as ambitions.

Mostly all universities in the United States of America offer grad as well as undergraduate programs in instructor education and learning. All the universities and also universities have certain goals and objectives for instructor education, and also concentrate on molding quality instructors. Schools have set principles as well as viewpoints to guide them in training leaders in education and also contribute a terrific offer to forming the young generation.

The UCSD Education and learning Research (EDS) also supplies M Ed, credential programs and doctoral levels to qualified educators which really want to further their jobs as well as include to their expertise base and also skill sets. Their unique programs include MA Deaf Education as well as M Ed Credential programs in several topics.

The Harvard Graduate School of Education desires their grads to have an impact in the schools as well as indirectly in the society. Their graduate programs include the Training as well as Educational program (TAC) program and also the Mid-Career Math as well as Science (MCMS) program. Undergraduate Teacher Education and learning Program (UTEP) at the school has actually trained pupils for greater than 15 years for K-12 institutions. They aim at getting hopeful instructors to certify for teaching in public institutions in the United States.

Embury Institute For Teacher Education has educator education and learning programs for educators of all age teams. Undergraduate programs include minors in Bilingual Education and learning, Reading and also Second Language English teaching, as well as majors in Elementary Education and learning, Early Youth Education and learning and also Unique Education. The Experts programs in the university consists of Instructional Leadership, Unique Education and learning, Educational Management and also Checking out Professional.

More info here:

Another great recourse:

So What Is The Reason Students Should Play Sports

High school is a time to make pals, get great grades, take part in activities and get ready for the future. However, because of budget cuts, some schools have actually decided out of high school sports, thinking that cash would be better invested on scholastics. I recognize that scholastics precede, but giving up high school sports decreases every youngster’s high school experience, their capability to carry out at optimal scholastic degrees and become an all-round grownup.

The Value of High School Sports Could Be Found in Primary school

students standing by a schoolDuring a youngster’s primary school years, youngsters commonly lose their recess benefits consequently to inadequate habits. This repercussion could have the reverse of the preferred result. Recess is the place where kids blurt their aggression and launch irritation and temper, enabling the kids to better deal with the aspects of school they do not enjoy.

High School Sports Promote Bonding and Support

its fun to get a educationMost higher schools, if not all, call for at the very least a C standard to get involved in these sports, which supplies the child with responsibility. High school sports increase bonding between kids and their moms and dads when moms and dads aid with skills and come to games to support their kid on.


High School Sports Boost Overall Morale And Assistance

young students learning golfHigh School Sports enables the entire institution to come with each other, whether having fun, or observing, to applaud for their institution. If your kid is having problem making close friends encourage them to join a high school task or to go to a game and joy for their school. While providing a delightful diversion from the stress factors of college, teenager’s adverse perception of college as a spot akin to a prison is changed with increased college satisfaction.

Grownups Review High School Sports Lovingly

When adults look back on their time in institution several do not remember their teachers, courses or grades but they do bear in mind the high school sports they took part in or noted. They usually look back on these memories lovingly and look onward to their children having similar experiences. Encourage your teenager’s high school to keeping high school sports around so every teen could have a far better overall high school experience.

> Curro privatized schools

University Of Oxford

Teaching Students The Right Education At Private Schools

You have actually made the decision to provide your kid to an exclusive institution. You have actually chosen the institutions that are the ideal fit, reviewed all the realities and numbers and made your selection. Now the difficulty is spending for your kid’s education and learning.

While private college can be costly, there are a digit of methods to pay-tuition layaway plan, require based aid, quality based help, scholarships and loans. It takes a little work yet with some initiative you could pay for the most effective education for your child.

Strategy Ahead

The early riser gets the worm must be the mantra of any household who really wants to provide their youngster to a personal school. The quicker you start intending to manage the cost of exclusive institution tuition the better off you’ll be.

Identify what is the cost to provide your child to the college of your selection. Besides tuition learn just what fees and various other costs such as publications and transport will set you back for the year.

End up being acquainted with your institution’s payment pattern. Generally private colleges costs twice a year– early summer season and late fall with payment due in 30 days. Typically the invoices cover half the year’s tuition, bed and board plus charges. Some colleges supply a 5 to 10 percent price cut for a full year repayment, make sure to raise.

Since you understand the expenses, review your house budget plan to see just how much money you can give by conserving or reducing expenditures. For those who begin tuition planning extremely early, a Coverdell education and learning cost savings strategy, formerly the education and learning Individual Retirement Account, could be a great alternative. Families may add approximately $2,000 a year to the account then take out the cash tax-free to spend for qualifying education and learning expenses at exclusive primary and senior high school.

Following study and testimonial all sources of funding and find out the financial aid target date for your college, which often is in February. Some institutions offer help on an initial come, very first offer basis, so being prepared can make a difference.

Collect all the data and speak to your economic advisor and the college’s financial assistance workplace to see which are your finest choices. Armed with the facts and amounts plus some great guidance you’ll have the ability to make the finest choice for your family.

Tuition Layaway plan

Can’t pay a swelling sum for tuition yet your budget can manage smaller month-to-month repayments? Then a tuition payment plan could work for you. The plans usually split the year’s tuition into 9 or 10 equal month-to-month repayments and ask for a flat yearly fee for the solution. Payment plans are supplied by outdoors solutions and sometimes by the schools themselves.

Exclusive Pupil Financings

Some family members make a decision to obtain an exclusive financing to aid spend for private institution. Families obtain cash through their residence equity account, financial or lending institution, instructional loans, through the college or from relative. See to it to consult your economic adviser and to seek all your financing alternatives.

Demand Based Help

Believe you make way too much money to obtain financial aid? Don’t be also sure, over half the students in exclusive schools are receiving some financial assistance according the National Organization of Independent Schools information.

Depending upon their endowment, some personal colleges can offer an essentially free of cost education and learning if your family earnings is $75,000 or less. Also if you make even more compared to that, almost every exclusive college provides some form of economic help to family members. You will certainly should file an application for aid and generally a standard form such as the Moms and dad’s Financial Statement from the College and Student Solutions for Financial Aid Make certain your recognize the due dates. Financial help may consist of work-study programs and discounts for family members with greater than on child going to the same private school.

Don’t be as well dissuaded if your help application is declined or you don’t acquire as much at you require. File an allure with school leading to out specifically why you need the help. Make sure you have sustaining information and many institutions will be thankful to review the circumstance with you.

Besides requirement based aid from the college itself, there are numerous national foundations that offer aid to students based on requirement such as the Children’s Scholarship Fund for primary students and the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation for those in grades eight and up.

Merit Based Aid.

Aside from need-based help, lots of private schools offer scholarships based on a student’s skills or accomplishments in academics, athletics, Arts, and so on. Quality based help differs from school to college. Pupils may have to take a test, send a task or complete an application to qualify. Ensure to obtain all the specifics from the college concerning the program including target dates. Additionally figure out if the advantage scholarship is replenishable.

> Visit Curro Western Cape Private Schools Website