Business Studies or Creative Studies….

I think most parents would want their kids to become an accountant, or doctor,engineer something that sounds so respectable, but the little ones do not always think about the future, paying bonds, retirement funds and all that and want to go and study a passion like art, photography, graphic design etc.

So what do you say or do?

As a Marketing Student and Photography myself I can confirm that making it in the world out there in the art direction is not easy. Then again, landing your first proper job is not easy at all, and you would have to do some internships, work over holidays, get that experience. Here are some tips:


EducationCreative Studies:


- Long hours, late night working to get your projects done.

- Research Research and more Research. Most kids think studying something creative is some breeze. WRONG!. Photography was at some points much harder than marketing. Studying marketing was all about going through your work, learn the 4 p’s, understand economics, learn some selling, PR and all that, while photography was hard work, hours and hours photographing, post-production, research for your project, Theory tests with light, and as you think you are done… Yes, more work, next photoshoot should be done.

- What I am saying be prepared, most kids end up leaving the creative studies, they do not see improvement, they break under pressure. All I can say is, hang in there, do not wait till the last week, constantly do research find things you love, and try hard to find your niche and style. MOST IMPORTANT I will say is to start with your own style, but do not force it.

- Holidays, mm yeah right, rather go and assist some photographer, go intern at the media company, make the tea get the feel of the company.

- Practice, Practice and more Practice.

- Be on social media, ask your friends to give constructive criticism, ask strangers, join clubs.

- Be inspired by the masters.

- Learn as much as you can rea, read read, yes read a lot, and no reading statuses on Facebook does not count.


The more academical side:


- For that I can say learn hard, work over holidays as well, intern somewhere.

- Visit groups attend seminars

- Be the best you can be, and work your way up.

- The best advise I can give for both more “corporate” and creative jobs is to get so much experience, no one wants a beginner or even pay beginners.


For creative studies, choose very wisely where you are going to study it will make you or break you.

Something very popular is events management, with so many overnight start-ups promising the best education, do not fall for that. A good tip! Try and get into a company that is active in events management, they are way better and know the game.  The Aleit Group has their own academy, that is a good choice, why? Aleit is well know for top events, for A-Listers, they are the leaders in their game, and you will have the best experience.

For photography go for CPUT, they are very focused on theory, and up to this day I will say that theory did help me so much. You have to think for yourself, and it will help you so much figuring out what to do.

Digital Marketing, Branding, etc. I would suggest, VEGA, AAA or Red and Yellow. Most company event state in the job description, they will only employ interns from those institutes.


For more degree studies, you can choose from a few universities, Stellenbosch, UCT, Rhodes, etc.


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